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  1. 12 Minute Downtime on July 24th 2013 

    Our data center had uplink problems which resulted in 12 minute downtime in our service at 6:35pm.

    We have been assured that this would not happen again. Their redundant network made the switch instantly and “any downtime was simply a delay on your[our] ISPs side in updating the routes to us”. But, we have measured the downtime from many different locations.

    Goodbye 100% uptime. :) 

  2. 3 Hour Downtime for Users in Asia (December 16th, 2012)

    This sunday (December 16th, 2012) we had a 3 hour and 5 minute downtime on one of our servers in Germany. This resulted in downtime for our users in Asia. We are not sure about the reason for the problem but rebooting the server has resolved it.

    This downtime should not have taken this long. We have improved our monitoring system so that in the future it will not take such a long time to resolve similar problems. 

    This problem did not affect our users in United States or Europe. 

  3. 16 Minute Downtime on Saturday, Sep 15th

    The service that protects our site, CloudFlare, had some downtime on Saturday. That has caused our site to be unable for short periods. In total we were down for 16 minutes

    Thank you for your patience and understanding. More details about it are available here.

  4. Jotform - Downtime (Wed, May 2nd)

    In some geographic regions, JotForm had 9 mins of downtime because of routing problem affected Cloudflare.

    All cleared now.

    We’re still pushing really hard to get Jotform to 100% uptime (99,88% is just not enough), stay with us :)


  5. False Downtime

    Today at 04:42 (GMT-4 Eastern), we had a false alarm from Pingdom while our application servers and databases are all alive. It was caused by some changes of our control strings.

    After 3 months of headaches, we were too close to %100 uptime level with 1 min. periodical checks. 

    Anyway, our challenge is still waiting for us, meet us on another %100 uptime post :)

    - Ertugrul

  6. DNS issue is resolved.

    Cloudflare had a DNS shortage which caused ~30mins downtime at February 24 at 3am ETS. It’s all resolved now.

    We are creating a backup for DNS records on another service, so if we have a permanent problem with cloudflare in the fututre, we can quickly switch our DNSs to avoid downtime.

    Thank you for your patience.

  7. is Back Online

    We’re happy to share a good news with you. The domain suspension at has been lifted. If you have changed your forms to one of the alternative domains, you can keep them as they are. We will keep the new domains permanently.

    I wish we could provide more details about what happened, but we are also in the dark. We have not been given any information by Godaddy or the Secret Service, other than our domain being suspended “as part of an ongoing law enforcement investigation”. You can read more details about it on Arstechnica, Wired, CNET, Techdirt, and TheNextWeb.

    In the next few days, we will work hard to restore your confidence in us. A suspension at the domain level is a very harsh punishment for a web service provider. However, we are not in a position to make excuses. You have trusted us and added JotForm forms into your web pages. It’s our top priority to make sure that our service is reliable, and robust.

    So, here are some of the permanent solutions we are working on right now.

    1. Forms on Separate Domains

    Depending on your risk profile, or the country you are in, we will assign a separate domain name to you. (i.e. Any new forms created will only work on that domain name. Our goal is to limit the impact of any possible domain suspensions in the future.

    Note that, this will not apply to any existing forms. Your existing forms will work with all domains. This will only apply to the new forms you create.

    2. Moved Domains from Godaddy to NameCheap and Hover

    Namecheap has been very publicly against SOPA and internet censorship. Hover’s General Manager has personally contacted us and offered his support during our difficult time. I have always been an admirer of the simplicity and beauty of Hover’s user interface. So, we have moved our domains to these registrars.

    3. Launched

    We have just launched a new independently hosted site to post about our service status updates. You can also contact us from Twitter or Facebook.

    4. Use Your Own Domains on Your Forms

    It is now possible to use your own domain names on your forms. You can read more details about it here. We have just launched a simple version of this feature, and we are planning to improve it in the next few days.

    5. DMCA Safe Harbor

    We are considering applying for DMCA Safe Harbor. Although, the requirement of no active monitoring of user activity would not work for us, since we have to actively stop the phishers. Anything less would be irresponsible.

    6. Increase Our Efforts to Stop Phishing

    Our existing Bayesian phishing filter has been pretty successful at stopping phishing. We are currently discussing what additional steps we can take to stop phishing forms on JotForm. We have scheduled a hackaton next week to try out new ideas.

    We’d like to thank everyone who has been patient with us and provided their support. We believe that without the support provided in the social news sites such as Hacker News, Reddit, and Slashdot, plus the journalists who covered the story, the suspension might have continued.                             

  8. Suspended

    As a part of an ongoing investigation about a content posted in our site, a US government agency has temporarily suspended our domain. We are fully cooperating with them, but it is not possible to say when the domain would be unblocked.
    To make sure your forms continue operating, please change your form URLs on your web site from to Here is an example:
    Thank you for your patience and understanding.
    UPDATE: Many people on the comments assumed the content was posted by us. This can happen to any site that allows public to post content. SOPA may not have passed, but what happened shows that it is already being practiced. All they have to do is to ask Godaddy to take a site down. We have 2 millions user generated forms. It is not possible for us to manually review all forms. This can happen to any web site that allows user generated content.
    UPDATE 2: If you need to change form URLs many pages on your site, here is guide on how to do search and replace on many files.
    UPDATE 3: TheNextWeb has posted a story with more details. 
    UPDATE 4: We have moved our other domains to NameCheap and Hover. 
    UPDATE 5: Techdirt’s take on the domain suspension. 
    UPDATE 6: SUSPENSION LIFTED: As of Feb 16th 5pm EST, our domain stopped pointing to Godaddy suspension name servers, and seems to be pointing back at our correct domain name servers. We have not received any confirmation from Godaddy or Secret Service. We are hoping this would be the end of the suspension. It was a very difficult 2 days for us and for our customers. 
    ArstechnicaThe Raw StoryCNET and Wired are now covering the suspension. Also, comments on Hacker News, Reddit and Slashdot have been very supportive. We appreciate that.